Young, statuesque, athletic, beautiful with flowing hair, it’s easy to paint what appears to be a true image of the Czech Wrestler Nica. article photo article, photo

Painting a true image of her as a wrestler is a little more challenging since she is evolving and presents many faces of various skills.

The Latin meaning of the name Nica is True Image.

Arguably a company fighter, her leadership at can paint a truer image of her than we can so let’s listen in. Her portfolio is not typical. They express with admiration, “We were expecting to teach Nica a thing or two about wrestling, but boy, were we ever wrong.

She only needed to be shown holds more unique to our style of wrestling like heads scissors, and then went straight to work. AJ and even mighty amazon Domitia both learned a big lesson during initial Nica’s matches – the skill, speed, and flexibility can easily rule over bigger weight and power of someone less experienced.

Nica moves quickly like a gazelle and is so incredibly flexible from ballet and yoga, she’s like a snake on the mats that’s hard to grab and ends up wrapping you in holds one way or another. Amazing addition to our competitive team, she’s on her way to become one of our biggest stars yet!”

“A tale is born from an image, and the image extends and creates a network of meanings that are always equivocal.”… Italo Calvino

An exceptional description and analysis.

Given her model like looks, once her wrestling skills improve, she is packaged to be a supreme industry attraction. article photo article photo

Before we provide a brief description of her matches found at Female Wrestling Zone, let’s allow Nica to describe her approach to life and wrestling.

Smiles, “I love to train self-defense! My trainer teaches a good mix of arts, from BJJ to striking/punching. I train the most at home with my boyfriend though. I’m so used to rolling on the mats with the boys, and actually prefer ’em as my opponents, as girls usually get scared of my quickness and tenacity, and are afraid that I’ll hurt ’em. Beating guys does wonders to my ego as well!”

Well said pretty one. Let’s review a few of her matches and see if that’s true.

VS Lilith, 5’5” 115 pounds

Against one of the better Czech Fighters Lilith, Nica was ready for battle in a black sports bra and red briefs. Nica’s approach is to be a head hunter, going mostly for head locks and chokes. Competing against the higher skilled opponents like Lilith, her holds are easily and often broken, especially the falling away body scissors. To Nica’s credit she puts up a spirited match.

VS Alkaia, 5’5” 155 pounds

It seems since she is facing a heavier and possibly stronger opponent in Alkaia at 155 pounds, her efforts appear to improve. It’s as though she realizes that she has to up her game and does.

VS Domitia, 190 pounds

Domitia is a sweet larger girl who seems to lack the experience of Nica so Nica’s typical mistakes are forgiven.  Adorned smartly in a combination of black and dark pink, complete with knee and ankle supports, Nica is in complete control of this match. She even has a chance to practice a few newer holds using her legs for head scissor locks even from a sitting position.

VS Katrina, 5” 3”, 130 pounds.

Nica looks great with an orange halter top with tie away straps and shiny black pants. If there was a beach Disco anywhere to be found in Brno, Nica is the first girl that everyone would ask to dance. She’s dressed perfectly for it.

Against the newer fighter Katrina, a fresh faced shapely girl with a pony tail, this promises to be a match that Nica controls and she does.

VS Siberia, 155 pounds

Against an experienced, stronger fighter like Siberia, who is sensuously decked out in pink briefs and sports bra that hugs her gorgeous 155 pounds beautifully, I expected this to be Nica’s strongest test and in many ways it was. Still, adorned in sexy black,  she holds her own very well and the match is competitive.

Our review of delicious Nica would not be complete without observing her interests of yoga, MMA training and ballet. We have covered those pursuits in writing about many other Fem Competitors so our focus here will be the Equestrian industry in the Czech Republic. Even though we have covered it a time or two, it’s still a world of unexplored wonder to us.

Dressage and Equestrian riding are closely linked and here is why. article, photo article, photo

The respected site provides a nice foundation with some valuable history. They inform, “The long and colorful traditions of Dressage go as far back as ancient Greece. Dressage, the highest expression of horse training, is considered the art of equestrian sport and is used as the groundwork for all other disciplines.

Two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks recognized that if rider and horse were to survive in battle, complete cooperation was necessary between the pair and developed Dressage as a method to train the horses for war. A horse’s ability to move quickly from side to side, burst into a gallop or change direction immediately were all considered vital skills.”

As we have found in our research, virtually every artistic pursuit of human behavior from building civilizations to Equestrian riding has its roots in war.

HORSES EVERYWHERE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

The enjoyable site narrows this discussion down to the Czech region. “Horses are everywhere in Eastern Bohemia, perhaps because the region offers ideal conditions for them. This is even confirmed by the fact that many towns have horses in their town crests, symbolizing courage and strength. It isn’t by chance that the oldest stud farm in the Czech Republic is in Kladruby NAD Labem.”

The wonderful tourism site illuminates the subject. “The most beautiful view of the world is allegedly from horseback. Equestrian tourism is developing at an unbelievable rate in the Czech Republic. There are tens of stables, horse riding clubs or farms where you can hire a horse and set out on a ride through the countryside. You can investigate practically every square centimeter of our beautiful country on horseback.”

Don’t you want to go?

We wish that we could.

The inspiring site enlightens us with what else? Magic. “The magical charm of nature makes the Czech Republic an ideal destination for horseback riding. article, photo article, photo

A good horse beneath you. The blue sky above. A beautiful countryside to explore on a horseback. Relax, away from crowds and long lines… Just the beauty of the nature, and the smell of the clean fresh air!”

Exclamation points agreed upon and understood. Nica is a well-rounded girl with life affirming varied interests.

If this is the true image of Nica, don’t you absolutely love it? article photo article photo

Our hope is that a beautiful girl like Nica, with model looks, continues to train and wrestle, thus like her name origin, enhance our industry’s true image.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.!