Illustrated with historical steeples that gently puncture the sky, bridges that romantically cross winding rivers while architecturally connecting the past and present along with a swelling number of female warriors that are currently altering the future of the global sports landscape; Eastern Europe in general, and the Czech Republic in particular, are sending the rest of us a very strong message. article, photo article, photo

And what is that?

We are ready to rule the female sports world.

Nowhere is this more evident than the world of professional female tennis.

They are changing the landscape and painting a new futuristic picture destined to be a classic.

According to the prominent information source, they report, “The rise of talented tennis players from all over Europe has been on display for some time now on the WTA Tour and the ATP tour. But never has it been more apparent than at the 2014 Australian Open. With the first major of the season now in the books it is very apparent that the ‘old’ days of the USA and Australia dominating the Grand Slams are long gone. Tennis is being dominated by the Europeans and the numbers are staggering.

68 percent of the singles draws were taken up by Europeans at this year’s Australian Open — 85 of 128 in the men’s draw and 89 of 128 in the women’s draw. Forty years ago, the European content was about 35 percent European and 65 percent the rest of the world.”

Karolína Plíšková is a Czech tennis player. article, photo article, photo

Ms. Plíšková has won four singles and four doubles titles on the WTA tour, as well as ten singles and six doubles titles on the ITF circuit in her career.

Klára Koukalová, another Czech beauty, made her Grand Slam debut at the 2003 Australian Open, defeating fellow qualifier and Grand Slam debutante Maria Sharapova in the first round before going on to upset sixth-seed Monica Seles in the second round. article, photo article, photo

As a former United States Tennis Official here in Northern California, given the then dominance of the American female players, if someone told me 25 years ago that 89 of the 128 female players at the 2014 Australian Open would be from Europe, I would have blinked at least twice in puzzlement.

Blink no more.

The global news source, the New York Times confirms this intriguing trend, “In the 1970s, the early days of the women’s tennis tour, the calendar was dominated by tournaments in the United States, and the draws were filled mostly with Americans. At the end of 1980, the world rankings had 31 Americans in the top 50. Australia was next, with four.

Combined, all of Eastern Europe had six players in the top 50 in 1980. There were still only six in 1990. In 2000, about a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union, there were nine.

Today, there are 26.”

Recently at Femcompetitor Magazine we considered writing an in depth story about how the Hungarian Female Submission Wrestlers, led by Antscha, Viktoria, Leona and Tia, are dominating the female submission wrestling landscape, but after purchasing over 25 videos at Femwrestle, we decided to put that story on hold.

With the emergence of the company fighters at industry leaders Fight Pulse and Alpha Catz, not at the top, but at least at the upper middle echelon, the Czech Republic has to be considered in that discussion.

The epitome of the new age Fem Competitor is the Alpha Catz Fighting Princess, Lilith. article, photo article, photo

When we first began to research her matches at Female Wrestling Zone, at first glance she seemed slight of build and very vulnerable.

No matter the site, whenever wrestlers are very familiar with one another and there is no paying crowd present, their matches risk taking on an almost practice like or sparring session feel, so it’s hard to gauge how tough they are.

Lilith’s matches within her circle were against Alkaia, Artemis, Siberia, Nica and Inanna.

When we research these types of matches, we’re not so concerned with who wins but more so with technique, strengths and most important, tendencies.

Lilith’s strength of technique are her one two punch of arm bars and chokes married to crushing ground floor body scissors. From time to time she employed leaping body scissors and head locks but the previously mentioned are her main meat and potatoes.

She loves to scissor from the floor.

Extremely talented that she is, the main concern is her size. She weighs in at 115 pounds and within her circle has taken on more than one grappler at 155 pounds.

In the long run that’s a good thing. It will make her a better fighter who is not intimidated when she gets to the big show.

If you haven’t met her, we would like to introduce this slender beautiful brunette to you. article, photo article, photo

At she smiles, “I’ve got a strong sporting background. I think I’m a nice and gentle person IRL, but any physical challenge seems to awaken a tigress in me. I don’t care if you’re bigger or heavier than me, I’m taking you down, boy!”

Similar to ourselves, the management at Alphcatz is impressed with her beauty and power. They praise, “Lilith is a perfect example that size does not need to matter if you’re able to compensate with the level of fitness and endurance as she possesses and that power of a woman comes from her hips and not the upper body. Lilith is also very quick and flexible and due to intense pole dancing training you’re bound to get caught in her head scissors over and over only to be forced to tap out very quickly!”

Very good. Good to know.

Big question?

When Lilith gets to the big stage at Femwrestle, how will she do? What picture will she paint?

In Troisdorf, Germany where Femwrestle has its event, the matches are in front of a star studded crowd led by Honey of London Wrestling studios fame, a strong UK presence led by the formidable Mystique and Tia’s Hungarian group often led by Antscha, Leona, Orsi and Viktoria M.

How would Lilith do away from the safety of her Sorority?

She had only two matches there so we purchased both to have our question answered.

We first viewed her tilt against the American that we had written an article about named Tess.

Missfit Tess, Beautiful Wrestler, Dancer, Perfect Fit

We haven’t seen Tess wrestle much but she did have a tightly muscled physique and could be dangerous.

Once the two were about to be introduced, Lilith was smiling and appeared very confident. She looked gorgeous in her black sports top and bright lime yellow briefs, girded with a knee support.

From the opening engagement Lilith trapped Tess with her powerful legs from where else? article, photo article, photo

The floor.

To say that Lilith was impressive is an understatement. The match is very unique. article, photo article, photo

Next on our agenda was her match against Rebecca of Hungary. Perfect. A Czech vs Hungary mid-level match up.

Looking mouth-watering in a flowered sports bra and black briefs, Lilith was clearly confident again. She immediately trapped Rebecca in a choke and body scissors combo straight off the Lilith menu, situated from where else? article, photo article, photo

The floor.

This is one very sexy match. article, photo article, photo

Lilith is a star not remotely intimidated by the bright lights. 

As we delicately paint our canvass using Lilith as the girl in the picture, what words can we use to describe her efforts at the big show?

Magnificent, imposing, splendid, spectacular, awe-inspiring, impactful, sexy and breathtaking for starters. article, photo article, photo

Lilith and the girls from the Czech Republic don’t need our help to paint a picture.

They are taking the female submission wrestling industry by storm.

With emerging stars like Lilith, they have their own artistic sports brushes, picturesque historical steeple graced canvasses and above all…….

They continue to paint masterpieces. article, photo article, photo

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.