Boxing can damage the brain of even the most resilient and talented fighter but another side effect of this brutal sport is how it may affect the fighter’s life priorities as well.

The 1980 masterpiece Raging Bull is the film story of a middleweight boxer, Jake LaMotta, as he rises through the ranks to earn his first shot at the middleweight crown. He falls in love with a gorgeous blonde girl from the Bronx. The inability to express his feelings enters into the ring and eventually takes over his life. article, United Artists MGM photo article, United Artists MGM photo

He eventually is sent into a downward spiral.

So much about our rise and fall in life speaks to our priorities.

Our life is the sum total of all the decisions we make every day, and those decisions are determined by our priorities.……..Myles Munroe

There are countless stories across the human landscape of dream pursuit where people are willing to sacrifice virtually anything to receive the highest prize desired.

Kay Lee Ray, the flaming red haired Indie beauty from Glasgow, Scotland has her priorities in the right place. article, tumblr photo article, tumblr photo

When researching her, while on tour in Japan, this one tweet told me everything about her. “Unfortunately leaving Japan 2 months early today but family that need me is more important right now!”

What could be more important than family?

Kay Lee mainly flies from high places across the pond in Scotland. Have you heard of her?

Here she is. article, tumblr photo article, tumblr photo

Kayleigh Rae is a Scottish female wrestler better known by the stylized ring name Kay Lee Ray. She works primarily on the British independent circuit. Rae was part of TNA British Boot Camp II during October 2014, along with Rampage Brown, El Ligero, Mark Andrews, Nikki Storm, Noam Dar and Kris Travis.

Kay Lee’s body of work is the manifestation of a young woman with her priorities aligned right with the stars.

That’s what made her a star.

She has her professional admirers. article, tumblr photo article, tumblr photo

The respected wrestling site reports, “Kay Lee Ray is the golden girl of PBW. A graduate of the PBW Academy, fans are always delighted to see her in competition. Ray recently reached the final three of TNA’s British Bootcamp 2, competing for the promotion in both Britain and America.

She frequently wrestles all over Britain, and has also competed in America, Japan, and across Europe. Not content to be limited to wrestling other females, Ray has had several matches with male members of the roster, often coming out victorious. With her skill and experience growing by the day, PBW fans can’t wait to see more of their favorite red-head.”

We agree completely.

Some of her many accomplishments marketed on nice T-Shirts can be purchased at her store:

  • ICW Fierce Females title defeating Viper in a tournament (May 4, 2013);
  • SWE Speed King title defeating Martin Kirby (August 9, 2014);
  • SWE Queen of Southside title winning a 4-way match (February 28, 2015);

The global site is impressed as well. They share, “The most popular female star in the UK today, Kay Lee Ray has had an amazing career… Fans all over the UK are completely mesmerized by this young woman’s talent and beauty.”

There’s nothing like the girl next door making good.

Nobody’s life is ever all balanced. It’s a conscious decision to choose your priorities every day……Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Watching Kay Lee’s videos makes you want to stand up, jump and shout!

Reminds me of a Scottish group called the Bay City Rollers from the 1970s. It will be impossible to listen to this song, S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT, and stay in your chair. Test it out. article, photo article, photo

Do you see what I mean?

Let’s travel to Kay Lee’s enchanting village of Glasgow. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

The historical Glasgow is a port city on the River Clyde in Scotland’s western Lowlands. It’s famed for its Victorian and art nouveau architecture, a rich legacy of the city’s 18th-20th-century prosperity due to trade and shipbuilding. Today it’s a national cultural wonderland, home to institutions including the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and National Theatre of Scotland, acclaimed museums and a thriving music scene.

The closer you get inside of Glasgow, the more you like it.

The enjoyable site invites, “Glasgow is a compact city that’s easy to get around in, which makes it simple to explore the diverse neighborhoods and districts in the city.”

The East End of Glasgow is emerging as the city’s creative community and is home to several design and creative studios, the city’s oldest park, Glasgow Green and the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens as well as the historic Glasgow Cathedral and the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art. article, photo article, photo

With Kay Lee as an ambassador, Scotland is a majestic land to visit.

Majestic as well is Kay Lee’s ability to take a punch, drop kick or surprise move. A fan at a favorite wrestling electronic watering hole, comments, “Scottish talent Kay Lee Ray is a good wrestler, working a fast paced style in the ring she only seems to get better as time passes by.”

Another fan expressed, “Kay Lee Ray has got to be one of the top talents in Scotland right now. And she is only 22 years old and not many wrestlers can achieve that status at such a young age. She’s very exciting to watch in the ring with mainly high flying wrestling but she can also take it to the mat as Well. I feel that Kay will get over easily anywhere because of how unique she is with her wrestling and personality. Her high flying ability is sure to win any crowd over. She’s got charisma, don’t know anything about her mic skills but all her other talents make up for that. Definitely a female talent to watch out for.”

Reviewing her video, Femcompetitor Magazine agrees.

Okay. After watching another Kay Lee video, my feet are moving on their own and it’s time to dance again. You can jump and shout too if you want. Be sure and turn it up LOUD!

Here is another Bay City Rollers night driving classic, I Only Wanna Be With You. article, photo article, photo

Hey? You’re still dancing. I know your feet are tapping.

Kay Lee wants our attention now. It’s 2016, not 1976. article, tumblr photo article, tumblr photo

Her entrance into our wrestling world was not a common pathway.

In an interview with when asked about how she got started in the business kay Lee smiles, “Well I was just turning 16 when I started to train and honestly it was nothing to do with wanting to be a wrestler. My boyfriend, who I am still with, had started training. Before this I had never watched a day of wrestling in my life, I didn’t even think I liked it…so in a way, I had no idea what I was missing! All it took was one day at training and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

To succeed today, you have to set priorities, decide what you stand for…..Lee Iacocca

Wow, how sexy. It’s always exciting when a girl next door who is a complete newbie tries wrestling and then becomes addicted to it. Fantastic.

Kay Lee Ray is a ton of fun to watch. She is non-stop energy, playful and skilled. Her inner qualities shine through beautifully as well.

Having the right priorities in life can do that for you.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

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S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! Bay City Rollers

I only wanna be with you-Bay City Rollers