Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. One of the greatest Coaches in NFL history, Vince Lombardi said that.

I’ve had the honor of working with, interviewing, writing about, and staring at Isamar Gutierrez for a few years now. I know the word perfection is only found in the dictionary and I certainly wouldn’t be one to argue with the thinking of Mr. Lombardi but I can’t say enough that when I’m around Isamar, I’m chasing perfection and working with excellence.

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The energetic British Fem Competitor Minxy Li caught me staring at Isamar at a San Jose wrestling shoot and called me a Fan Boy after I saw Isamar emerge from the dressing room and without thinking I began to admire her and say over and over out loud in my Texas voice, “Look at that. Wow.”

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So I just wanted to clear the record and say while I would never want to disagree with an industry leader like Minxy, I’m not a Fan Boy, but a FanMan. I’ve got a man size crush on Isamar.

It’s time for my Isamar fix.

I have so many memories working with Isamar and I thought I’d share one with you.

One day while I was covering a shoot in San Jose, I arrived early, had some coffee at a local San Jose café and walked to Isamar’s studio. After a few minutes Isamar showed up and hurriedly invited me into her car. Something must be up. Once inside I could see that she was dressed hot as usual but I exercised self-control and made no FanMan groans, moans or tones.

Aren’t you proud of me?

She pointed me to this uptight manager that had been prowling around the office complex and apparently didn’t like the notion of women’s wrestling and kind of hassled Isamar before. To get inside the studio, we were going to have to get past her. Isamar wondered if I would speak to her.

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Now I’m from Texas but in this here situation, I didn’t want to use that voice. I think I’ll use my California Professional Businessman (CPB) voice and folks; the key to using that voice is to be polite but unapologetic and fearless.

As we walked near the door, Attitude Alice approached with clip board in hand and made a bee line for Isamar. I quickly interjected with a good morning. She asked what we would be up to in there. In my Texas voice I wanted to say that some more chicks were showing up and we were all going to git it on.

Instead I used my CPB voice and explained to her that we need to clean up the studio (always pause, look the pain in the butt varmint in the eye) and we promise to keep the noise down and will finish in a timely (a California word) manner.

We kept eye contact.

She didn’t believe a darn word I said, especially when the three other hot sexy chicks immediately showed up, including my blondie favorite Mona Wales.

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But hey, she knows that a CPB will contact the owner in writing and since this manager essentially just called me a liar, the letter would wonder if her views regarding my fine name and reputation reflect the views of the owner?

“Okay” was all that she could muster, turned and briskly walked away.

Wonderful. Now I could be alone with and watch four chicks go at it. FanMan Big Time!! It was a great day.

I also enjoy the lunches and dinners that I have shared with Isamar and the Nor Cal Fem Competitors like Daisy Ducati, Penny Barber, Bella Rossi, FeFe, Lady Evadne, Dana Vixen, and Olivia D’Angelo.

Keeping tabs on our San Jose superstar, I can see that at one site Isamar is up to 91 victories with one company. That is amazing.

Now I know I mentioned Varmints who are irritating but as we all know, most of our little furry friends are fun and loving.

At Female Competition International we like to promote great female wrestling stars like Isamar and we hope to entertain, educate and inform as we take you around the globe.

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I’ve written about the Nor Cal girls so much, also featuring Kait Snow, Ingrid Mouth, Andre Shakti, Katy Cherry and others; which means I have toured you through San Jose and San Francisco quite often.

Let’s stay in San Jose and follow up on our furry friends.

They have these conventions in many locations and San Jose is one of them, but have you ever heard of San Jose’s Annual FurCon convention? Apparently it’s where a pack of folks dress up like furry animals, hang out, have fun and promise not to bite .

The Great South Bay news site explains, “San Jose’s annual FurCon kicked off last week and goes through Monday, converting the San Jose McEnery Convention Center and three downtown hotels into a colorful and odd collection of larger-than-life furry characters. The furries, as they call themselves, are people who love animals — both real and fictional animal characters — dress up as animals and collect anthropomorphic art.” article, fur-con photo article, fur-con photo

Let’s allow the furries to keep their fur but shed some light on what they are about. Why don’t we gently scratch at

“Furry conventions bring together people interested in anthropomorphism and furry fandom. Fans meet and participate in panels focusing on anthropomorphic art, crafts, music, and literature. Many attendees consider themselves “Furries”, dressing in fursuits that range from full-body outfits to accessories like ears and tails. Furries are humans who find that their personality fits better with an animal than humans, and sometimes consider themselves spiritually aligned with these animals.

While a common misconception due to media portrayal, Furry conventions are not in any way about sex or fetishes. Events usually focus on arts, crafts, music, and literature. Some raise money for charity.”

Hey, if you ever dreamed of dressing up like your favorite mascot, hang out with some nice people where it’s okay to feed the animals and instead of dining on them, dine with them; then this is your place.


I’m content. I’m happy. I’m a FanMan.

I just love hanging out with Isamar.

~ ~ ~

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