Rising like impenetrable broad shouldered warriors encased in ice clad armor, the Colorado Rocky Mountains have to be some of the most unique majestic natural monuments in the world.

They have inspired many for centuries, so much so in the case of the late legendary Country Music and Inspirational singer John Denver that he penned, along with Take Me Home Country Roads, Rocky Mountain High, which is arguably one of his greatest hits, in honor of it.

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“Rocky Mountain High” is primarily inspired by John Denver’s move to Aspen, Colorado three years before its writing and his love for the state.

Rocky Mountain High is a folk rock song written by John Denver and Mike Taylor about Colorado, and is one of the two official state songs of Colorado.

Recorded by John in 1972, it went to #9 on the US Hot 100 in 1973. (The song also made #3 on the Easy Listening chart, and was played by some country music stations.) Denver told concert audiences in the mid-1970s that the song took him an unusually long nine months to write.

It was certainly worth the wait.

Let’s revel in some of the lyrics again.

“He was born in the summer of his 27th year
Coming home to a place he’d never been before
He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again
You might say he found a key for every door 

When he first came to the mountains his life was far away
On the road and hanging by a song
But the string’s already broken and he doesn’t really care
It keeps changing fast and it don’t last for long

But the Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullabye
Rocky mountain high (Colorado)”

It’s a song that is still mesmerizing to this day. http://johndenver.com/

Sometimes it may be cold outside but the wonderful people of Colorado consistently provide a warm welcome.

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At colorado.com, snow skis in hand, they smile, “You can still find thrills on that famous snow without speeding down a mountain. Strapping on a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis grants access to one of the most idyllic scenes Colorado has to offer. Backcountry trails lead to snow-covered valleys and peaceful stands of evergreen and aspen trees, with chirping birds and your footsteps as the only sounds you’ll hear.

Another Colorado vacation idea is a snowmobiling adventure. Combining the excitement of a high-speed ride with the beautiful scenery of a snowy alpine environment, you’ll discover why snowmobiling is so popular on Colorado’s thousands of miles of trails.

If you have any doubts about what there is to do in Colorado in the winter, one trip will put them to rest, as you’ll find a huge variety of winter activities in every corner of the Colorado winter wonderland. Check out winter getaway itineraries or the vacation ideas below and get started!”

What a fantastic invitation.

There are so many reasons to visit sweeping Colorado and to add one more reason to the list are the gorgeous girls that you can have a session with there.

Miss Kiley Marie

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Like the Colorado Mountains, Kiley is strong and beautiful.

She can wrestle too. For fun that is. She explains that well. “I have strong legs, a knowledge of holds, and served 8 years in the Marine Corps.  I am in a nice private house in a trouble free neighborhood. I am a very feminine, pint sized powerhouse. I have a very competitive spirit and love being in control. I am always open to hearing new fetishes so if its not listed I am happy to discuss.

I am not interested in getting hurt so I don’t want to see any tough guys with something to prove. Although I am strong and will do my best, my service is strictly fantasy.”

Kiley is refreshing in that she is willing to expand what is on the menu as long as it’s tastefully done. With some girls, you have to stay with what’s on the menu, period.

So here, you can expand your fantasies and contact Kiley: Msk9095@gmail.com


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Wow, another sexy Colorado Session Star.

Here is the book on Tyler if you dare. “Tyler is a young, energetic wrestler who has been in the circuit for several years. Not only is she beautiful with a rock hard body but she also has a personality that will win you over. “I love what I do and know you will too!”

She has garnered some great revues along her scenic trail. Let’s listen in.

“Just had yet another session with Tyler. She is one of the best women on the circuit today. With her red hair and incredible body, she is a delight to wrestle. She loves what she does and she knows how to use her firm body to make you beg for mercy. Her scissors are skull splitting. What a body! She loves to trash talk, which just adds to the experience. I can’t wait for my next meeting with Tyler because I know the squeezing is always going to be good.”

Sounds good. Very good. Here is one more.

“She’s beautiful, strong, and skilled, so she enters the wrestling scene with a lot in her favor.  She’s also a lot of fun to be with in a session; she has a great personality and really enjoys her work!  You really can’t go wrong with her…if you see her for a wrestling session you’ll be sure to fall in love.  I had a physical domination style session with her that involved a lot of hitting and kicking – several hours later I am definitely hurting.  But that’s a good thing. :)”

Good to know. You can email her at: TylerDare@Hotmail.com

Dominika Florentina

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Up for a challenge? Ready to get caught off guard.

First, the beauty of Colorado Springs will catch you off guard.

Then our gorgeous Session Girl located there will as well.

One look at this sexy girl, you might think that you can easily dominate her because she seems so shy. Well think again. Let’s listen in.

“I’m a rare mix of Nigerian and Eastern Indian Culture. I am very fast and lean. I enjoy dominating older and larger men.

I’m a little shy until I get you into the ring. Then I catch fire!  I’m a lady so please be a gentleman.”

You can email her at: dominika6626@gmail.com 

Outdoor recreation and as we can see here, indoor fun speaks to Colorado’s great attractions.

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We can’t say enough about how inspirational Colorado is and as usual, a writer at the magnificent travel site Lonely Planet says it best in her love of Colorado. “At 17 I went to college in Colorado and spent my first break stuck in a blizzard with a dozen other classmates, our tents pitched at 12,000ft. We never did summit Crestone Peak, but later hiked out under banner blue skies and outrageous alpine scenery. I stayed for over a decade and keep returning. You could say Colorado was my education – in hiking, river running and just plain living well. With so many sunny days and the Rockies as your backyard, it takes all of us one step closer to the natural world.”

Denver, touted as the mile high city, has made it’s global mark, especially with the popular NFL Denver Bronco’s epic battles with the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns to name a few.

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It’s state contemporary Colorado Springs deserves a long look too.

We seldom get a chance to visit Colorado Springs in our Session and Competitive Grappling World, so we would be remiss if we didn’t visit at least one great restaurant.

Let’s do that now.

Lake Terrace Dining Room

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At broadmoor.com they welcome. “Featuring a classic breakfast menu Monday through Saturday, the Lake Terrace Dining Room is the perfect place to start your morning.  The a la carte menu offers something to satisfy every appetite, from traditional European breakfasts, to exciting variations on eggs Benedict; as well as Southwestern specialties and mouth-watering griddle selections.  On Sundays, an elaborate and famed brunch displays over 150 enticing choices alongside sculpted ice and live piano music.  Located on the mezzanine level of Broadmoor Main.”

They seem to have it all.

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They continue, “While our resort is a highly regarded destination for fine dining, Play offers a distinctly fun take on dining at The Broadmoor. The menu is designed to delight, with whimsical plates that combine retro Americana favorites with elements of global cuisine. From burgers and hot dogs, to sushi and kabobs, our choices are sure to enchant guests of all ages. Adults can enjoy nostalgic cocktails, Colorado microbrews, wines, and spirits, or an adult milkshake while catching the game at the bar. This fun-filled Colorado restaurant also features bowling lanes, a pool table, foosball, a shuffle board table, and game monitors to keep the family fun going all night.”

Now for a few reviews.

Seated with an ear from tripadvisor.com, one happy customer shares, “We ate one breakfast here and also enjoyed the Sunday Breakfast Buffet, which is absolutely amazing!! Be sure to get reservations for the Brunch as there were some disappointed diners who could not get in. There were over 150 choices and all the food looked very appealing. We were very impressed!! Very elegant and the service was outstanding. Highly recommend.”

One is not enough. Here is another. “Amazing spread with so many different made-to-order stations. Plenty of vegetarian options. The DESSERT!!!!! Each little masterpiece was impeccably made, beautifully presented, and extremely decadent. And the VIEW! I appreciated the walk around the beautiful lake afterwards in a lame attempt to counteract the consumed calories. I’ll definitely be returning. Again and again. And again.”

Colorado Springs – A Must Visit Place in Winter

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By Simon Mathew

Colorado Springs is getting popular day by day for living in USA. It is the city having all facilities to enjoy latest lifestyle. Colorado is located at the middle of Colorado near the famous rocky mountain. It is the place having spectacular sister cities. There are lots of places in Colorado Springs where you can go and have fun with your friends and family. You can have lots of gardens and water falls to visit in Colorado. Colorado Springs Homes have awesome view outside from home. You can see mountain and greenery every around you whenever you look outside from the window of your home.

Colorado is the city having beauty of nature. It is the place having lots of mountains and waterfalls. The beauty of Colorado Springs in winter time is at its best. You will be pleased to see the glory of nature. As I said earlier it is the place surrounded with mountains. Those mountains are covered by the snow at the winter time. It looks awesome to watch so that lots of visitors and tourists come to this place in winter. You can enjoy ski and skate-board ride during this time for 24 hours. Hear you can also meet some good dancers and children music stars at the same time.

There are lots of festivals celebrated by the people of Colorado Springs. There is a music festival for children. You will be able to see some real good music performances by the children. It is the best time to find the talent in children. If you are a music lover then you can afford to miss visit this place in winter. There are lots music festivals celebrated at Colorado in winter. You will surly enjoy that music events by famous music groups in Colorado.

Hotels and restaurants in Colorado area provide extraordinary facilities to their customers in winter. You will be delighted by eating some really testy and healthy food in spring’s area. People usually like to have some Mexican food in winter time. There are lots of restaurants which provide decent Mexican food. Night party in winter is another thing that not to miss especially in winter. There are lots of night clubs in Colorado Springs where you can enjoy turning with friends.

Lot more activates take place in Colorado at winter time. This all can happen because of the spectacular weather of Colorado. This all things increase the tourism in Colorado and its neighborhood. It affects a lot to the economy of Colorado. That increases the Colorado Springs Real Estate and other businesses. That we will see in my upcoming article.

I am related with bestspringshomes.com. I often write article based on Colorado Springs Homes and real estate business.

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