According to Sports Illustrated, approximately two years after retirement, the percent of NFL players bankrupt or financially stressed is a whopping 78 percent. This means more than three-fourths of players either can’t manage their money, or employ people who choose not to manage their money well.

You can give two people $100,000 and within five years, one will be a millionaire and the other completely broke.

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We all have choices in life. Some choices that we make are clearly better than others.

Thank you for reading our magazine. As usual we like to do the ground work for you and research what some experts have to save about the subject involved; in the case here, about the importance of life choices that we make.

Here are the thoughts of Strategist Ms. Linda Ding.

There are only two matters which you cannot select during your lifetime. One is your parents and the other is survival or death.

What we have now, which contain love, career, right, wealth, poverty, hunger, etc. are all originated from the original selections we made. As a result, choice is the most important part in a person’s life. You will have the corresponding results in terms of what choices you will make.

When you have to confront making some choices, do keep in mind to think them over seriously, carefully and cautiously. Otherwise, you may get opposite answers.

A lot of people are confused about a question. They do things fairly seriously and enthusiastically, why can’t they get a nice outcome? They never consider if their selections are right in the first place. article, Wikimedia photo article, Wikimedia photo

In fact, choice is more significant than endeavor if you want to succeed. However, choice is something fairly terrible and difficult as well. We will have a feeling of hesitation, frustration, tension, and so on when we have to make some big decisions. You should be brave enough to conquer those negative minds and grasp the opportunities in time. Since you won’t get another chance like that if you miss it.

There are a majority of people who do things that only follow the general trend and don’t have their own creative opinions. The outcome of this is that they can’t make any achievement through their life.

A scientist named John in France once made an experiment called “experiment of caterpillar”. He put some caterpillars on the side of a planet and made them stand in a round. Then, he put some food six meters away from the flowerpot. To his surprise, all of those caterpillars just walked round and round toward the side of the flowerpot day and night without rest. But none of them chose to walk toward the outside of the queue so that it could eat the food.

From this small story, I want to tell you that some of you are just like those caterpillars. You are busy with something day and night. And when others ask you what you are you engaged in, you just say that you don’t know what you are occupied with.

Choices really matter when you want to succeed. As a result, if you are eager to achieve your goals and gain wealth and success, just stay away from stereotype and be creative and imaginative enough. Do something different and new. Taking some adventures may assist you discover some unexpected harvests.

Thanks for the insight Linda.

Zoë B. is a qualified coach (Diploma Neuro Linguistic Programming & Coaching: Institute of Human Technology) and offers strategic coaching for people who are looking to make the most of their life. Zoë has developed a 12 week program for smart professionals to help them to get out of the rat race and into something they truly love. The Passion Program is open for enrolment at specific dates throughout the year. Having successfully founded a 7 figure marketing business and an entrepreneurial lifestyle driven business, Zoë also offers business & marketing coaching for entrepreneurs. Zoë is based in Sydney and offers skype consultations for international clients.

In 2012, Zoë was featured in the Wentworth Courier as a ‘top blogger from the eastern seaboard’.  Zoë also regularly writes for the Huffington Post, leading global productivity site Lifehack & wellness magazine Mind Body Green.

Here are her thoughts on making the right choices.

There are a couple of things that impact decision-making and can leave us feeling like we have made the ‘wrong’ choices in life.

The first is this:

Fear of failure

At times, we can put off making a decision because we don’t want to make the wrong one. When the reality is – there are no ‘wrong’ decisions.

If you break down the term ‘wrong decision’ what does this even mean? Usually that we haven’t got the result that we wanted.

The Dalai Lama once said:

“Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck”

I think this is an interesting point. We often ‘think’ we know what we want and what is right for us. It can be helpful though, to not get too ‘attached’ to an outcome as a result of a decision.

I like to call this approach ‘Open Minded Action’ – where the emphasis is on ‘taking action’ but not becoming too fixated with achieving a specific outcome or result.

The point is, sometimes we make a decision and we don’t get what we originally ‘wanted’, but what we do get turns out to be better.

So start by being open to alternative outcomes. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Avoid Over-thinking

I think secondly, over-thinking is one to avoid when decision-making. If we think too much about a problem it’s easy to over-complicate it and end up more confused than when we started.

I’ve talked before about the difference between ‘over analysis’ and ‘useful analyses. It’s important to restrict any repetitive thoughts that are not bringing you to an action point – because this is an indicator you are running ‘over-analysis’ which is detrimental to decision making.

A good tip to overcome ‘over-analysis’ is to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. This is a great way to ‘structure’ your thinking.

Head Vs Heart

Thirdly, in response to your question about ‘head vs heart’ – this is a really interesting point.

In my opinion, balance is the key.

You don’t want to be so ruled by your heart that all logic goes out the window, yet you don’t want to only be ruled by the ‘facts’ because gut instinct is very powerful stuff.

Let’s break it down…

If I were to ONLY be ruled by my heart I might ‘feel’ like my heart is telling me to bet my life savings on a horse on the Melbourne Cup.

Would this be a wise decision?

I would say not.

On the other hand we can sometimes be so consumed by ‘the facts’ that we miss solutions! I’m sure we have all had a situation in our life where we have ‘felt’ like we were about to make a bad decision – yet logically our ‘feeling’ didn’t make sense and we went ahead anyway. A few weeks later it didn’t work out and we are mentally screaming ‘I JUST KNEW IT WAS A BAD IDEA!”

So how do you tell the difference between ‘gut instinct’ and ‘regular feelings or desires’? That is the million dollar question.

I might ‘feel’ like eating a pie, but that doesn’t mean my gut instinct is telling me too – clearly this is just a ‘desire’ in the form of an intense ‘feeling’.

In my experience ‘instinct’ is an ‘all pervading knowing’. It’s not led by a sensory gain (i.e. pleasure of any kind) – but is usually preceded by quiet contemplation.

One thing I have noticed is that ‘gut instinct feelings’ do not go away! If you get the ‘feeling’ something is not right then it lingers. Whereas ‘feelings’ associated with ‘pleasure’ (i.e. eating the pie) can be fleeting (depending on how good the pie looks!)

So, before you jump into making a decision based on a ‘feeling’ of any kind, I would try letting it sit with you for a while to see if it ‘lingers’ or if it disappears.

One other thing you can do to ensure you’re not being led by ‘feelings associated with pleasure’ is to ask the question:

“Is what I’m about to do for the benefit of everyone involved?”

This is a great way to check that the decision is morally sound. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Simple Life Strategy: 6 Tips for Making the Right Choices in Life

  1. Banish any FEARS associated with making the wrong decision. Remember that failure is a pre-requisite for success.
  2. If the voice inside your head is starting to repeat its-self, switch it off! This is over-analysis in action. Try getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper to structure your thinking.
  3. Practice ‘Open Minded Action’ where you ‘take action’ and make a decision but don’t get too attached to the outcome
  4. Tune in for any ‘instinctive’ feelings associated with the decision you’re about to make. Be careful not to confuse ‘instinct’ with ‘desire’. Try sitting with your decision for a while to see if it ‘lingers’ before taking action.
  5. Check in with your morals. Ask yourself “Is what I’m about to do for the benefit of everyone involved?”
  6. Keep a balance between your head and your heart – you don’t want to throw logic out of the window, however it’s important to listen to your gut.

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