Being the new kids on the block is not necessarily a great thing unless you are teenage male singers with a great promotion team.

Most new kids have to learn the ropes the hard way.

Even adults new to their craft.

This was evident in the fascinating thriller Department Q, a Scandinavian film series. article, IFC Films photo credit

As described in, “Technically, Department Q is two things. One, it’s a franchise of crime novels and their film adaptations focused on a mysterious branch of the Danish government called “Department Q.”

Secondly, “Department Q” is specifically a unit in Danish law enforcement devoted to cold cases.


Nikolaj Lie Kaas stars as Carl Morck, a brilliant homicide detective who gets demoted to Department Q. His partner in solving crime? Another detective named Assad (played by actor Fares Fares). Together they delve into the crimes no one wants solved.”

In watching the series, eyes glued to the screen, these detectives constantly must bring their A Game as they navigate through completely evil, complex and extremely dangerous uncharted waters.

Previously there have been some fantastic matches in our competitive female grappling industry where new kids on the block had to navigate through uncharted waters and chart their course they did.

Here are a few on the captivating newcomer matches that we purchased, viewed and enjoyed.

First we travel to San Francisco at article, wikimedia photo credit

This match featuring two newer girls was a titanic struggle from beginning to end.

Eden vs Dylan San Jose, Girl Next Door Ground Struggle GS50 article, photo

“Everyone’s tastes are different but part of the reason we have a non-traditional interview before a match that speaks to a beautiful girl’s travel and lifestyle experiences is because once a girl next door type begins to competitively wrestle against another, it makes it more erotic because we feel we know them personally instead of cut and dry, just wrestle only. When you listen to both Eden and Dylan before the match, it’s clear that they are very sweet, curvy and sexy so when they wrestle, we salivate for the close up camera views of their ground struggle. Though both girls have a few matches under their belt, they are still fairly new and that’s the sexy up close excitement. The outcome of this battle is in doubt right up until the end. Enjoy.” article, photo credit

Mistress Kara vs Katie (Canada) Teacher Dominates Student GS48 article,

Katie was new to wrestling when she met industry star Mistress Kara and yes, we helped navigate her through this match.

“Mistress Kara during this Dojo Event is kicking beautiful behinds and taking names. Katie, a shapely gorgeous mom from Canada is next up as a notch on Kara’s American belt. Once the battle begins, she completely dominates Katie. To keep good relations with our great Canadian neighbors, we decide to put Katie in a position to be more competitive. Will it work? We’ll see. Nice up close aggressive action with two beautiful women with curves in all of the right places. Another girl fight at the Dojo.”

We head east and as you know, New York is always a city that fascinates.

Here is the description at article, doommaidens photo credit

“Our final match of the day for our October 2016 Live Filming Event was the hard-fought and well-matched bout between Aralia and Kinzie Fire. These two newcomers had been watching each other’s previous fights and watching each other train, but they haven’t had a chance to really test each other until now!

Each of these fights has an advantage of her own: Kinzie comes in with a 40-lb weight advantage, while Aralia has several more months of training experience under her belt (Aralia’s been training about 1 year, Kinzie about 6 months). Both are promising up-and-comers who have been practicing alongside VeVe; both love a good challenge; and both are eager to put their new skills into action.”

We now travel to the glorious Czech Republic. article, wikimedia photo

The producers at Fight Pulse share, “Anny is a petite and adventurous female model who joined the ranks of Fight Pulse wrestlers in October, 2016. She is the sister of Andreas, one of our most active male wrestlers.

H2H is a concept we introduced last year, which has since grown increasingly popular with our subscribers. It consists of a series of challenges that test two competitors against each other.” article, photo

Fascinating match where at least the newcomer was not thrown to the lions.

That’s the benefit of having great mentors. They can guide you past the road blocks and make life easier on you.

Young or older, when we enter new situations, it is tremendously helpful to have a mentor.

Not all mentors are good for you. Some guide you to do what is in their best interest and not yours.

When we were young, some of the mentors in our lives were completely vile and evil, with a smile.

We can fully relate to Department Q.

Good and honest mentors are hard to find.

When you find one, treat them like gold.

How can we find mentors that guide us down a pathway that is in our best interest? What should we be looking for?

We have a visiting female writer who seems to have some specific ideas on accomplishing that very goal.

Please enjoy.

How Do You Select a Good Mentor? article, photo

By Allegra Sinclair 

Do you know how to select a good mentor?

When you are reaching for a goal, whether personal or business, one step to take is to find a mentor. But finding a mentor is more than just picking someone out of thin air, it takes time to choose a good mentor.  In addition to ensuring that your mentor shares your convictions and values in life, before selecting your mentor ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Do you want specific advice? What do you need the mentor for? Is it business related or personal? You’ll want to choose a mentor who has experience in the area you need.
  1. Do you want someone who will just listen? Maybe you want someone who simply listens to you once a month during a lunch or coffee meeting. Or perhaps you want a weekly sounding board by email or phone. However they listen, you just want them to listen. If this is the case you’ll need to find someone who is interested and capable of doing that.
  1. Do you want someone complementary or the opposite of you? Some people thrive in situations where their mentor challenges them, others wither under pressure. Be honest about which type of person you are. There is no judgment, no right or wrong, but you have to be honest with yourself about what type of person you are so that you can find the right mentor for you.
  1. Do you want a role model? Should your mentor already be where you want to go, and simply model the behavior that got them there and let you observe? Sometimes all we need is access to someone who we wouldn’t mind trading places with.
  1. Does this person give good advice now? If you’re considering a certain person as a mentor try asking them for advice to see how they handle it before formally approaching them with the mentoring idea. How do you feel about the advice? Not everyone who is successful is able to advise others on how to repeat their success.
  1. What can you offer your mentor in return?  It’s very important that you offer something in return to your mentor whether it’s showing gratitude, or feedback on the suggestions they give. In addition, you may have knowledge in an area that would benefit your mentor, or you could be in a position to introduce them to someone they want to meet.
  1. Is the person willing to be a mentor? Not everyone wants to be a mentor. Many people will be honored that you asked and jump at the opportunity to help mold another human being into a successful person. But be prepared if your target is not interested. Whatever happens, it’s not personal. Keep looking.
  1. Do I need more than one mentor? If you have business aspirations as well as personal aspirations you may need more than one mentor. For instance if you want to improve your diet, and learn to do better in business you might need two separate mentors because they are different issues.

Selecting a good mentor takes a little time and consideration. Sometimes women spend more time selecting shoes or accessories than they do considering who they want to help them craft their lives. Look at possible mentors objectively, factoring in their skill, availability and interest and you will be more likely to find a mutually beneficial relationship.

Communicator. Coach. Builder of people. Allegra M. Sinclair helps women identify and remove any barriers to them being as powerful as they are meant to be. She does this through coaching and a relentless focus on how fabulous women are. Now, you can grab her Confidence Mastery for Women ecourse to become an unstoppable force at work and at home. Get the Confidence Mastery for Women e-course at [].

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