Reality can become blurred when the character that you magnificently play, or worse played years ago, becomes a part of the skin that you’re in.

Actors seem to experience this more than others.

Away from the big screen, are they the character they play full-time, part-time or sometimes depending upon what camera is in front of them?

Now emerging as a global star, Evie the Kiwi from Auckland, New Zealand has many talents. She’s a young, super sexy, high flying Indie wrestler who travels the globe in search of contracts, excitement and fame.

A true Fem Competitor. article, photo article, photo

After a quick study, perhaps her most powerful skillset is that she knows that the character Evie is strictly for the ring and Cheree Crowley is who she really is and acts like away from the bright grappling lights.

Despite what you might think, this is not very common.

In the world of film, some stark examples stand out.

Anthony Perkins shocked and gained the admiration of the global film going audience when he played Norman Bates, the mild mannered, mommy obsessed murderer in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. As the entertaining site shares, “Many have said that Bates’ most unfortunate victim was Anthony Perkins, and that the character eventually consumed him — at least through three other sequels that spanned into the ’90s.”

The next example is open for debate but has been discussed online so much that you wonder if while not entirely true, that there is some truth to it.

The thought provoking site reports, “One of the more intriguing things bandied about in the days following Heath Ledger’s tragic death last month was that the Joker — the comic book character Ledger plays in the upcoming The Dark Knight — killed him.

By this people didn’t mean that the Joker, a fictional character, literally killed Ledger, but they didn’t exactly mean it in a wholly figurative sense either? Rather, people seemed to be suggesting that Ledger was haunted by the Joker, unable to get him out of his system after playing him, and that this might at least partially explain his untimely death.”

Did Richard Gere even for a week dress differently after master styling as Julian Kaye in the 1980s cult classic American Gigolo?

Did Sean Connery at least once do or say something that James Bond would do or say when he was out to dinner and caught a beautiful woman spying on him? article, photo article, photo

The fascinating aspect to Evie’s in flight career is yes, she can separate herself now but as she becomes more famous with more money on the line and the legion of fans growing, can she return to being Cheree which she does so effectively now?

When you watch Evie with her family and in interviews, she’s clearly….well Cheree. article, facebook photo article, facebook photo

She is the epitome of the girl next door, your neighbor down the street and your co-worker in the office as she demonstrates on one video where she was tasking as a Graphic Designer.

Her wrestling career has been extremely well-designed.

Evie has competed internationally for the American promotions Shimmer Women Athletes and Shine Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney, Australia where she is a former PWWA championship. Evie is part of the Impact Pro Wrestling roster in New Zealand, where she is a former three times IPW Women’s Champion.

In September 2011, she debuted in Sydney, Australia based Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia (PWA Australia) for their annual PWWA show, where she defeated Kellie Skater.

Evie began 2014 in Japan working on a three-month contract awarded to her through Zero1 Pro Wrestling Australia. She was the first ever female to receive such a contract. She competed with the promotion DIANA.

The reviews regarding Evie’s work are very impressive. article, facebook photo article, facebook photo

At the long time well-researched site, one reviewer wrote, “Evie is a very fast and athletic independent wrestler. Paired with her likability factor, the future seems to be the sky for this New Zealand native.”

Another review at the informative site shared, “Making her debut in 2007 to help start up a revamped IPW women’s division, the ex-track and field competitor possesses agility, speed and an exciting mix of a hard-hitting striking style with electric high flying.”

Femcompetitor Magazine reviewed some of Evie’s matches and here is our observation.

“Evie is expert at high flying signature moves which receive excited fans applause. She has a smaller frame but can really take a pounding often getting slammed around by much larger women. Listen and watch her speak, she truly is the girl next door, especially as you meet her family.”

On her Facebook page the beauty describes herself as a “Hyper-happy-kicky-geeky pro wrestler chick.”

Let’s meet Evie’s larger family.

Would you like to briefly visit Auckland, New Zealand? article, photo article, photo

Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand, is the largest and most populous urban area in the country. Auckland has a population of 1,454,300, which constitutes 32 percent of the country’s population.

Auckland also has the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world.

The 2014 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Auckland 3rd place in the world on its list. article, photo article, photo

One of Auckland’s nicknames, the “City of Sails”, is derived from the popularity of sailing in the region. 135,000 yachts and launches are registered in Auckland, and around 60,500 of the country’s 149,900 registered yachtsmen are from Auckland, with about one in three Auckland households owning a boat.

The inviting site welcomes, “Auckland’s vast harbor, quiet islands and vibrant cityscape offer an exciting and accessible mix of urban, water and wildlife activities.”

The often exotic travel site smiles, “Auckland is a city of volcanoes, with the ridges of lava flows forming its main thoroughfares and its many cones providing islands of green within the sea of suburbs. As well as being by far the largest, it’s also the most multicultural of New Zealand’s cities. A sizable Asian community rubs shoulders with the biggest Polynesian population of any city in the world.”

Evie certainly is a great girl, coming from a great place.

This young woman is extremely unique with a stellar future. Part of our fascination with her is that she clearly has learned how to separate her public persona from her private life.

As she rises in stardom, can she continue to do that? article, photo article, photo

Deborah Margolin is an American performance artist and playwright. She came to prominence in the 1980s in the feminist political theatre troupe Split Britches, which she co-founded with Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw.

In a fascinating article published in they analyzed, “Early on in her career, Deborah Margolin realized that she was a woman nobody liked, not even herself. She was a “homely person who was pregnant all the time”—not because she enjoyed sex, according to Margolin, but because of a sense of self-loathing that led her toward the same dead end, over and over again.

But for Margolin, the line separating her real self from her stage self, became less defined the deeper into character she went. Playing a person whose existence was blight on others’ took a real toll, emotionally and physically, and possibly even affected how her peers treated her. For many actors like Margolin who land demanding roles, fully inhabiting the mind, mannerisms, and reality of a fictional character can be as alienating as it is rewarding.”

Don’t get us wrong. The above is not Evie’s story but for so many of the best and brightest who have come before her in the lady pro world, acting industry, female submission wrestling sport and other theaters where the magnificent roam, one of the greatest challenges over time is to not be consumed by your character’s success and lose important parts of yourself.

We look forward to watching Evie for voluminous reasons and so should you but make no mistake about it, as the years go on and the spotlight gets brighter, from a distance……..

We’ll be mesmerized by her degrees of character separation and internal evolution too. article, photo article, photo

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.