Is that what you want? Searching question.

Knowing what you want in life can be the million dollar question that keeps evolving and revolving based upon a fluid life experience that seems to have no square sheet rocked walls to contain it.

When asked what was her combat strengths were, Nina of DWW The Next Generation fame replied “I’m always getting what I want.” article, photo article, photo

It is a curious response given that she mostly had a losing record within the DWW Elite Sorority by the Danube River. She lost to Renata B. by a football score, complete with a goose egg. Having said that, it appears that she still achieved what she wanted and what was that?

She answers that she wants to be involved with any competition that involves beautiful women.

Well, with DWW, she certainly came to the right place.

Her battles against beautiful women included wrestling Danube warriors Kim-Ly, Monique, Tessa, Anni, Eva, Mel, Emanuella, Mary Ann, Miriam, Yvonne, Anita P, Ivy, Leslie, Lucille, Marketa, Mariella, Jenny, Patricia, Renata B, Simona.

Nina was at her best was when she wrestled Tessa and Jenny. If only her resume was built upon wrestling them. She loved the body scissors and applied it with ruthless magnitude. She had other combat strengths as well. article, photo article, photo

Let’s turn it over to the reviewer’s booth.

Here is what one DWW observer expressed. “Nina had always been a very strong woman but she did have a lack of skills and speed and aggression before. Nowadays, however, Nina is a great fighter who learnt some techniques and skills and she’s getting better and better. Nina’s wrestling potential is enormous and she could become one of the best wrestlers if she stays so competitive, simply because she is a physically very strong woman.”

If you are a fan of Nina’s it appears you are in good fortune. While so many of the Danube Princesses retire after the DWW group closed shop, Nina appears to have traveled the road of many by landing at Fighting Dolls, so you can still watch her matches today.

What I liked about Nina in viewing her mat struggles is that in certain engagement theaters and fighting styles she seems to excel including exacting a victory over a very formidable Lucille. In other engagement theaters she seems to struggle as she did against one of my favorite DWW girls in the feminine, closely cropped haired beauty Simona. It was a match that featured pin counts to twenty and the determined Simona exposed Nina’s weakness in upper body strength erotically pinning her time and time again while Nina, soft blonde hair fanned out submitted to her. It’s possible Nina was very tired from a previous match and it was very telling.

Our star Nina who is a model by trade, happily tells us about her other passions in life. She enjoys being married, dining on anti-pasta, sipping fresh grapefruit juice, dancing to Hip Hop music and cycling.

As usual it’s time to learn through travel.

What is cycling like in Nina’s land of adventure, the Czech Republic? Why don’t we take a bike ride there? article, Wikimedia  photo article, Wikimedia photo

Well, they are in excellent cycling shape and happy to guide us.

The site shares, “Welcome to the Czech Republic – an ideal cycle tourist destination with a high concentration of tourist attractions and settlements combined with varied landscapes : flat lands along the Elbe trail and through the South Moravia wine region to rolling hills and mountainous regions along most of its borders. article, Wikimedia  photo article, Wikimedia photo

The country boasts over 2,000 castles and chateaus, 12 UNESCO sites and numerous natural heritage sites. Thanks to the combination of cycling adventures, excellent food, world famous beers (but also excellent wines), good transportation connections as well as reasonable prices, the Czech Republic still represents a hidden gem for cycle tourists.”

Like a tag team partner, it’s time for another cycling authority to take over. The friendly site adds a few suggestions. “All bicycle tours follow a solid surface (tarmac), and are well suited for a hybrid bike. Only a few short sections go over easy terrain with fine gravel surface. For this reason we don’t recommend using a road bike. In the Czech Republic there is a dense network of small 3rd class roads ideal for cycling. The surface is of good quality and there is little traffic. If a cyclist should cross a busy road, the route guide will always warn you of the situation.

fciwomenswrestling.comarticle, Wikimedia  photo

fciwomenswrestling.comarticle, Wikimedia photo

The average riding distance per day is about 50 km / 32 miles. We don’t recommend exceeding 70 km / 45 miles per day. There is not enough time then to see noteworthy sites, which would be a great shame. Our desire is to offer a balanced tour, with ample time for you to absorb what’s going on around you and to relax.”

Now it’s time for specifics.

If you decide to visit the Czech Republic here is one group that seems to specialize in memorable bike tours. The site creates confidence and excitement. “Bicycle Tours have been the most popular active vacations of Greenways Travel Club during our 10 years and we have created a new, more specialized web project called especially for cycling. Under the brand name Topbicycle Tours we want to present a clear, concise offer – The best for the cycling enthusiast in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Central Europe.” article, Wikimedia  photo article, Wikimedia photo

When you see the destinations of choice an entrancing adventure awaits that will cycle you past majestic castles, historic medieval villages, pristine rivers and waterways coupled with breath taking scenery.

We can see why Nina would love cycling in the Czech Republic.

It’s easy to understand why we love to watch Nina wrestle. She’s tall, blonde, sexy, athletic and fun. When getting ready to wrestle a hesitant Tessa, she reassured her that everything would be alright.

Her honest tag line of informing us of how she gets everything she wants reminded me of the pop group Wham’s 1984 sensation entitled Everything She Wants, complete with George Michael and the 80’a big hair doo, hopping, bopping, skipping and hands above head clapping dressed in white, sizzling across the stage.

After providing her fans with match after match of great female wrestling excitement complete with energy and passion, the blonde beauty has earned her stripes. All of that encourages us to agree with our star.

Nina deserves to get everything she wants.

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