The legendary tennis star Billie Jean King is quoted as saying, “A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.

Our DWW legend Dani takes it a step further. Not only does she not want to lose, she hates it. article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

What our sexy girl does love is traveling (don’t we all), kick boxing, mountain biking and yes, wrestling with other girls.

Dani fits the profile that we love at Female Competition International. We feel that women from all walks of like and ages should consider wrestling as a fun sport to get good exercise and expel positive aggression.

As part of the DWW One team, Dani was a late bloomer, taking up wrestling in her early 30’s, but once she took to the mats, blossom she did.

Her sensational career spanned from 2007-2010 and her resume included grappling with Antonia Luna, Lucille, Pamela, Patricia, Miriam, Pamela, Zsuzsa, Kimbra, Denise, Renata B, Cathy, Anastasia, Vladka, Gloria, Denise, Antonia, Verena, Marketa, Simona, Gloria, and Tiffany her tutor.

Her matches were marked by an aggressive style that found her fighting up until the end even when she was losing.

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.………Donald Trump

One match in particular that was a masterpiece was her bout against Simona who was similar in skills. The addition of their feminine style and intensity made this one of Dani’s more enjoyable matches. She also shocked me with a victory over the now extremely formidable Kimbra.

DANI (LEFT) article, DWW photo article, DWW photo

Here is how her match against Kimbra is described.

“An absolutely fantastic international match with 2 skilled and ambitious wrestlers – and both showed a super-performance! One of the most intensively sports-matches in the last years – with absolutely great emotions from one of the girls!”

As a competitor Dani was typical of a wrestler on the rise in that she tended to lose to the favorites and fared better against girls at her skill level. Whatever the case, her fans had many positive things to say about her. Here are a few.

“Dani is always in a good mood and once she’s on the mat then she’ll give all she can give for winning and quite often she’s even much more aggressive and much more into it than the young women are”.

Here is one in more detail.

In watching a couple of Dani’s matches before this one, I was wondering why Dani isn’t one of the superstars of DWW. She is very attractive, has a marvelous body, and seems to really enjoy wrestling.

This match against Pamela, who is also spectacular and is perfectly matched against Dani, gives some hope that Dani — notwithstanding that she is 34 — may one day scale those heights. The match harkens back to the early days of DWW, with close and hard body-to-body wrestling.

What sets this match apart, however, is the ending. When one woman triumphs, she has a spontaneous and joyous reaction to winning that is obviously from her heart. Her display shows how much she cared about winning, and this just validates the viewer’s strong interest in this field of endeavor.

While long-time fans of DWW will certainly have their personal favorites as to endings, I cannot recall an ending that is as heartfelt and true as this one.”

Our beautiful maiden is from the Czech Republic and along with her other pastime favorites, Dani enjoys good food. Let’s travel to her home country and get a glimpse of the cuisine. article - Wikimedia photo article – Wikimedia photo

The tasty information site flies with us there and takes us by the hand. “The Czech Republic is located in the middle of Eastern Europe. It borders Poland to the northeast, Germany to the north and northwest, Austria to the south, and Slovakia to the southeast. The country was formally known as Czechoslovakia, and decided to end its union with Slovakia on January 1, 1993.

The land of the Czech Republic is made up of two regions. Rolling hills, plains, and plateaus make up the western region of Bohemia. The eastern region of Moravia is very hilly. Czech summers are relatively cool, with temperatures averaging 66 °F. Winters are cold, cloudy, and humid, with temperatures typically around 30°F.

Czech cuisine was influenced historically by the surrounding regions that dominated the country. In 1273, Count Rudolph, King of Germany, founded the Hapsburg dynasty. Eventually the dynasty controlled most of Europe, including the region of the present-day Czech Republic. The Germans brought with them roast goose, sauerkraut, and dumplings, which have since become Czech staple dishes. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

In 1526, Ferdinand I of Austria began his reign as King of Bohemia (a western region in the Czech Republic) and the Hapsburg rule of Central Europe grew. From Vienna, the capital city of Austria, schnitzels (breaded and fried chicken or pork patties) were introduced to the Czechs.

Other culinary influences come from Hungary and Eastern Europe, whose people used present-day Czech Republic as a crossroad to other European countries. Hungary introduced gulás (goulash) to the Czechs, a meat-based dish served with dumplings, and Europe offered such flavorings as sour cream, vinegar, and pickles. article, wikimedia photo article, wikimedia photo

Czech cuisine is considered heavy and very filling, with meals centered on meats and starches. This is because Czech winters are long and cold, which does not allow for a variety of fresh vegetables. In fact, if salads are available, they typically are limited to two vegetables, such as tomato and cucumber. Houby (mushrooms) are the exception, which flourish in local forests and are popular in soups, such as houbova polevka myslivecka (Hunter’s mushroom soup).

Seafood is not widely available because the country is not located by any large bodies of water. The fish, usually carp and trout, are raised in artificial lakes or fish farms. Some Westerners may think eating carp is unappealing, but in the Czech Republic, the water where they are raised is drained clean every year.”

We can see where Dani gets some of her strength. Interestingly she also listed one her favorite foods as Sushi so like her wrestling, Dani loves variety.

Her matches certainly provided fans with variety. Infused with aggression, endurance, passion and intensity, all wrapped up in a beautiful package, Dani’s wrestling will always be appreciated and admired by her legion of followers for decades to come.

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