Best kept secrets, no matter how much you desire that they don’t, will almost always come into the light.

Remember the thin girl with the childlike appearance who wasn’t popular as a freshman in high school but by her junior year when her beautiful curves kicked in and she starts wearing makeup, boom, now she is popular.

And you thought that she was your best kept secret that you talked to, flirted with and had all to yourself.

Tsk, tsk, too bad.

No more. The cute girl secret is out. Way out. article, Paramount Pictures photo article, Paramount Pictures photo

From the moment that we saw Domitia on video with her big, beautiful strong legs, we thought that she’s a little off the radar but wow, she’s a gorgeous blonde that we really enjoyed watching in grappling struggle.

She’s new to the game and her technique will improve but apparently the secret is getting out. article, alphacatz photo article, alphacatz photo

Way out.

Our squeeze princess was openly admired at the nice information site Squeeze Queens who smile, “Domitia is how ancient amazon warrior women looked like. Tree trunk super strong legs, feminine face and curvy well-built upper body.”

Where did they get that inside scoop? From industry mixed wrestling giant Alpha Catz who shared, “Big power, immense leg strength, heavy weight, like-a-rock stability and balance… that is Domitia. Just look at those tree trunk legs! Domitia had to be really careful not to hurt us… she could crack a rib whilst barely squeezing her massive, powerful but feminine thighs. She loves to wrestle and is not afraid to go at it and show you whose boss!”

Okay, okay, we get the point. The secret is out. This is one sexy Euro Princess. article, alphacatz photo article, alphacatz photo

Got it.

But what about her wrestling you ask? New, yet splendid. Let’s get into the zone.


VS ALKAIA article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit

Domitia charges into this battle with some experience but smaller Alkaia possesses strong determination. We love her and featured her.

Alkaia, Czech Wrestler, Warrior Princess, Big Stage Ready 

Domitia’s enthusiasm is also to be greatly admired as Alkaia traps her in one scissor and choke hold after another. Will Domitia get frustrated and give up? To our delight she actually began to adjust to the shapely Alkaia’s tactics and cranked out some submissions of her own.

Had this been a pins only match, Domitia would have stood a much better chance and does exact a very devastating cross body pin on Alkaia who had no choice but to submit. Great competitive match.

VS SIBERIA 5’ 8”, 155 lbs. BUT LOOMS LARGER article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit

There is nothing sexier than watching two beautiful, strong, young big sexy girls get ready to wrestle each other on the mats. Both girls brought enthusiasm and Siberia is listed at 5’ 8” and 155 lbs. but appears to loom larger.

Siberia is one big sexy girl and we featured her with gusto.

Siberia, Czech Wrestler, Action Hero, Desired Destination

Against a girl closer to her size, due to her limited mat experience, Domitia would be in trouble if the girl is highly skilled. Siberia is highly skilled yet Domitia manages to keep this one close and even appears to tire Siberia out as the match progresses. Siberia has the advantage in technique but Domitia is not intimidated and uses her size and strength to her advantage.

This is starting to become a pattern but until our beauty’s technique improves and she learns how to close various submissions, the cross body pin is Domitia’s best move.

She ought to utilize it more often.

VS VENERIS 5’6”, 145 lbs. article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit

As Domitia engages with the smaller but tightly and beautifully muscled Veneris, you have a sense that this match could be up for grabs. Veneris appears to be more experienced but Domitia’s size advantage can’t be ignored.

As the two battle one another, the turf war goes back and forth as each tries mightily to find leverage and an effective methodology that works.

It takes a while but it’s worth the wait.

Veneris and her 6 pack abs are a thing of beauty and her muscles to be worshipped. We sure did.

Veneris, Czech Wrestler, Sexy Princess, Beast On The Mats

It’s becoming apparent that this sexy, shapely strong Domitia has a pattern of tiring her opponents out.

Both girls in this match succeed in their quest to find out what works. What works for Veneris are school girl pins. What works for Domitia are her body pins.

This match was energetic from beginning to end. Wow.

VS NICA 5’8” 140 lbs. article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit

If there is ever a girl that you couldn’t take your eyes off of at a dance club, it would be the super sexy wavy haired beauty brunette Nica. At her smaller 140 lbs. you would think that Domitia has a powerful advantage over our Dance Princess but not only is Nica cute, she’s very clever.

Unlike the other competitors thus far, Nica becomes a head hunter and neutralizes Domitia’s strength with one effective headlock after another. From the neck up, few can use their muscles to negate the attack.

This is a great match due to its unpredictable nature. Predictably we are crazy about Nica and wrote about her.

Nica, Alluring Czech Wrestler, Sexy Alpha Catz, True Image

VS KATRINA 5’ 3”, 130 lbs. article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit article, Female Wrestling Zone photo credit

Though the smallest of all of the competitors, previous to the match, you ask yourself, does Katrina have a chance?

She does and she makes the most of it.

Katrina takes a page out of the Nica playbook and hunts for head locks.

Successfully we might add.

Domitia is aggressive but seems to have no answers for Katrina’s skills. It’s an impressive joust by both girls and the intensity of the battle causes a very unfortunate severe knee injury at the end of the match. The new world of competitive female submission wrestling can be a rough experience.

A WARRIOR’S WAY article, alphacatz photo article, alphacatz photo

Domitia does possess a warrior’s spirit and woman or man, beware when you meet her on the mats.

At Alpha Catz she makes no secret of that. “I love to train heavy, especially my legs. I can squat almost 250lbs. I used to wrestle my boyfriend, who was also a strong athlete. He learned to avoid my legs, or face immediate, crushing and painful defeat!”

Part of Domitia’s mat prowess is found in her name. article, gutenberg-net-au photo article, gutenberg-net-au photo

Domitia Longina (c. AD 53-55–c. AD 126-130) was an Empress of Rome and wife to the Roman Emperor Domitian. She was the youngest daughter of the general and consul Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo. Domitia divorced her first husband Lucius Aelius Lamia in order to marry Domitian in 71. The marriage produced only one son, whose early death is believed to have been the cause of temporary rift between Domitia and her husband in 83. She became Empress of Rome upon Domitian’s accession in 81, and remained so until his assassination in 96.

As we can see from the world of film, we are constantly fascinated with beautiful women from ancient Rome. article, Starz photo credit article, Starz photo credit

According to, “One would be lying if one said that Domitia was an easy-going character! Authoritarian and often aggressive, she possesses qualities that are more readily attributed to a man than a woman and seeks to take charge and be the one to give the orders. Furthermore, she isn´t lacking in courage and when she really wants to she is capable of considerable effort in order to achieve her ends.”

“When there is a strong woman character in a story – that always grabs me.”… Ang Lee

Domitia from the Czech Republic is one to watch. Her grappling story is just beginning.

This is one secret that we are glad that is out in the open.

Hopefully Domitia stays in the game. We want her. We need her.

It’s a song from the heart.

Large, sexy, shapely, strong feminine girls who wrestle with enthusiasm are always in high demand.

That’s no secret.

~ ~ ~

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