Fit as a fiddle, stealth as a well-oiled machine and beautiful as a story book princess, Artemis of the Czech Republic is the epitome of great physical fitness and youthful, fresh faced health. article, photo article, photo

Oh by the way, she can wrestle pretty well too. article, photo article, photo

One day she might become a Fitness Instructor with a massive Instagram following. She sure has the looks.

Morihei Ueshiba was a martial artist and founder of the Japanese martial art of Aikido. He is often referred to as “the founder” Kaiso or Ōsensei, “Great Teacher”.

In terms of fitness he was once quoted as expressing, “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.”

When you take one look at Artemis, as she walks to center stage to begin her wrestling matches, her spirit is polished and her disposition is well……..very spirited.

She looks confident, energetic and poised to pounce article, photo article, photo

Wow, one look at those washboard abs and her tight body is breath taking.

It’s easy to become enamored with Artemis along with the new emergence of fine female submission wrestling in the Czech Republic.

We decided to visit some of her stomping grounds and wrestling hang outs, starting with the very nice mixed wrestling site,

The management there is happy to spread the worship word about their grappling gem. “Artemis possesses one formidable and sexy body. Her high level of pole dancing experience gives her head and body-scissors tremendous crushing power. Great stamina allows her keep the pressure on until you’ve had enough and are forced to admit you got beat by a ‘girl’ as she performs a victory pose on you!”

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”… John F. Kennedy

A gregarious personality, Artemis is in agreement and happy to share her thoughts with you. “I train my body every day, I went to sporting school and love any kind of resistance training. I know how strong, fit and flexible I am, so I had no problem facing a guy on the mats, and showing him the true meaning of ‘girl power’. The power in my legs means once I wrap ’em around you, it’s all over!”

Sounds like fun. Right?

We agree. Let’s stay fit and keep moving.

Traveling around the historical and scenic Czech Republic in general and the popular cities of Prague and Brno in particular is always memorable.

Femcompetitor Magazine loves working with the management at Fight Pulse as they make our lives very easy and uncomplicated when it comes to covering their exciting wrestlers.

At our cooperative site, FCI Women’s Wrestling, for some time we have electronically visited some fantastic places to eat in Prague and offer readers our dinner and a movie series articles featuring Fight Pulse matches.

We have purchased some of their matches and absolutely love them.

Please click away.

Here is what Fight Pulse has to say about our fearless Fitness Leader Artemis. “Artemis is a fierce and intensely competitive wrestler from the Czech Republic who emerged on the scene in 2014, and took it by storm. She is a magnificent physical specimen, possessing great brute strength and athletic ability. We were fortunate to hire her and film 2 competitive mixed wrestling matches, which were her first matches ever, in July, 2014, as part of our Hot Day in Brno series.”

Well, let’s travel to Female Wrestling Zone. She loves to hang out there too.

From time to time we have been paid members at the Zone and have always loved their product so as we followed Artemis and her bread crumbs, we decided to purchase a membership there again so that we could download her matches.

Some of her contemporaries wrestling there are Taifun, Katrina, Veneris, Siberia, Lilith and Freya.

Siberia seemed to give her the toughest match.

In watching all of their matches they seem to be comfortable with the ground wars. Katrina in particular is a very beautiful shapely girl with full hips and thighs and a strong lower game.

All of the girls are fit and gorgeous, thus while Artemis is often in control and perhaps the most formidable of the six, the matches are very competitive.

Having said that, how will our very fit Czech Princess do on a larger International stage?

There’s only one way to find out.

We visit what may be the new DWW, the industry leader of great, competitive female submission wrestling matches in front of a live audience, Femwrestle.

Oh well, work and duty call. Time to purchase again.

First we see her take on Antscha and that is a very tall order for anyone. Of course Artemis gives her best. Understandably, super star Antscha is too much for her. article, photo article, photo

The producer describes her match with Ultra from England.

An excellent match, Artemis the Pole Dancer with deadly scissors and a real hard rock body vs the temperamental Ultra from the UK. An emotional and very wild fight, a great match for a female wrestling fans.” article, photo article, photo

We agree. We purchased and enjoyed that fight too. Ultra is a sexy shapely girl who gave both Artemis and Siberia a lot of trouble.

Artemis of course never gives up. article, photo article, photo

Here are the other matches that we purchased that stood out to us.

We loved watching Artemis wrestling Tomiko because it’s always far more interesting for us to watch strangers from different companies and countries fight as opposed to what we would describe as sister fights where the Fem Competitors are from the same company and there is less of an edge to their matches. article, photo article, photo

Company fighters also seem to be very comfortable in their place in the pecking order without challenging their right to ascend to the top.

When you have to compete in front of an audience against a stranger, the stakes are much higher. Artemis finds herself in a very methodical ground war with Tomiko but proves that she is a wrestler on the rise. article, photo article, photo

In the world where we are from, the elite high school sports competitions in California, the most populated state in America, where our Track and Field Athlete finished number one in the brutal men’s 100 meter, it’s extremely important to always, without exception prepare and defeat the people that you are supposed to beat.

So when Artemis met the beautiful but less experienced German maiden Brenda, we sort of knew what to expect. article, photo article, photo

The match of the day, the blockbuster of our Artemis excursion into the heart of Europe, the one we were looking forward to the most was her battle with the Tia disciple, the feminine, strong and absolutely gorgeous Jenna.

Jenna, the stunning beauty article, photo article, photo

Any match that Jenna wrestles in, is virtually always very erotic.

Any Lip Gloss Gladiator trained in Tia’s camp has solid skills. We weren’t sure what to expect and while we won’t give it away, let’s just say that Artemis was extremely impressive. article, photo article, photo

In a grueling fight, she needed her fitness to come through.

We loved the opening of the match where Artemis displays her beautiful rock hard body. When she wrestles Jenna she fights with passion like someone with something to prove as the Hungarian and Czech contingents collide.


That was fun. I think I’m in a little better shape.

Artemis is a keeper. article, alphacatz photo article, alphacatz photo

She is super sexy, in great shape, possessing a beautiful stealth body and wrestles with good technique and spirit.

Mr. Morihei Ueshiba would be proud.

~ ~ ~

Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.